December 2023 Videos

Financing Condos with a Hurricane Insurance Gap

November 2023 Videos

Mortgage Rates Peak! Why Rates Are Headed Lower Long Term

Real Estate -- Is It Time To Buy Or Sell?



August 2023 Videos

How to Save Big on Oahu Property Tax



Buy Now or Wait for Lower Rates

July 2023 Videos

Code Interpreter was Right! 3% CPI!

Code Interpreter was Right! 3% CPI!

May 2023 Videos

ChatGPT Code Interpreter: Confirming the Inflation Spike is Done!

Unlock the Full Potential of ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT Code Interpreter a Game Changer! Data analysis of Inflation & Money Supply

Inflation Explained: 5 Video Series

Inflation Explained: The Aftermath of Excessive Interest Rate Hikes!

Inflation Explained: The Effects of Rapid Interest Rate Hikes and Bank Failure

Inflation Explained: Unveiling the Effects of Decreasing Money Supply!

Inflation Explained: How Government Actions Cause Inflation

Inflation Explained: Unraveling the Link Between Money Supply & Inflation!

March 2023 Videos

Customize Your iPhone Home Screen with full-screen ChatGPT & Bard AI Apps

February 2023 Videos

Why ChatGPT loves Hawaii -- in Pidgin...

How we know the inflation spike is over

January 2023 Videos

Inflation Spike is Over! CPI Analysis

December 2022 Videos

Mortgage rates drop again after PCE confirms cooling inflation

November 2022 Videos

Uptrend in Mortgage Rates is Over!

August 2022 Videos

Does a huge % increase in foreclosures mean housing prices are about to crash?

Fed Rate Hikes and Housing

Housing Price to Income Ratio -- Housing Crash Coming?

July 2022 Videos

Why Housing won't Crash

June 2021 Videos

How to use a Piggyback HELOC

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